Mocha Money Meet Up's

Let's Talk About It!

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and your favorite notebook to join me and special guest speakers for a conversation about money.  

This year's theme is, "Releasing the Builder." What have you been called to build or create that will impact your family and community for the glory of God? Is it a more stable financial life, a business, or generational wealth? Join us as we discuss these topics and more.

Sessions will be held virtually on the following dates:

July 18, 2020- Releasing the Builder

August 15, 2020- Released from Debt

September 5, 2020- Released from Under-Earning

September 19, 2020- Released to Multiply

October 3, 2020- Released to Build Together

October 17, 2020- Released to Start or Expand a Business

October 31, 2020- Released for Homeownership

November 7, 2020- Released to Invest in Real Estate

November 21, 2020- Released to Invest

December 5, 2020- Released to Experience the Joy of Giving

December 19, 2020- Released to Protect Your Wealth Pt. 1

December 19,02020- Released to Protect Your Wealth Pt. 2

January 2, 2021- Released for Generational Wealth


August Mocha Money Meet Up

Join me and Pastor Dicy Moore, Professional Vision Coach, as we discuss 5 principles and practical steps to shift your mindset and behavior to release debt. Participants will receive a "Debt Free Living" checklist.

Pastor Dicy has been a certified Coach since 2011, and she specializes in helping people achieve their personal goals by helping them to identify the issues that prevent them from moving forward.

What does this have to do with money? Everything! What have you been called to build or create that will impact your family and community for the glory of God?

Me and Dicy.png


For Your Family and Friends

Invite the special people in your life for a time to gather and discuss a financial topic of your choice. Each event will include a fun, money personality type card game, and a discussion around one of the following: Earning/Under-Earning, Credit and Debt Management, Saving, Giving, and Protecting Your Assets. You can choose to host all 5 sessions too! The choice is up to you!

Here's What You'll Need to Do in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Contact Salathia to book a date, time and event topic. *Cost per event and includes materials.

2. Decide on the location. This is your party, so make it as simple or lavish as you like. You may want to host an event in your home, restaurant, library, or other public/private space. 

3. Invite your guests. 

Event Topics:

Money Personality Type card game included with event topic of your choice.

1. Earning and Under-Earning

2. Credit and Debt Management

3. Saving

4. Giving (Philanthropy)

5. Asset Protection

Event Details:

Plan for 3 hours. This gives you and your guests time to grab a snack, get settled, play the card game, and participate in a facilitated discussion around the topic of your choice. If you plan to host future sessions with the same group of people, 2 hours is all the time you'll need because we will not have to play the card game. 

Your guests can expect to leave with tips, tools, strategies, and resources to help them achieve their financial goals based upon their values.



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