Clients:  Individuals, Couples, Entreprenuers, Financial Coaches, Housing Counselors,

Case Managers, Non-profits and Churches.

Services:  Financial Coaching, Industry Professional Training and Workshops, Small Group Retreats, Non profit Grant Writing and Fund Development and Coaching

*CEU Credit available for Financial Coaches, Housing Counselors and Case Managers.

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Financial Coaching 

Personal financial coaching is available for Individuals, Couples, Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits who need help clarifying their goals, identifying their money blocks and assistance with creating a financial plan that is aligned with their values. 

When we work together you will:

1. Discover Your  Unique Money Personality Type

2. Understand How Personal Core Beliefs and Core Longings Impact Financial Decisions

3. Unravel Your Money Story

4. Gain Clarity About Your Spending, Savings and Earning Habits

5. Develop A Personalized Financial Plan (Budgeting, Credit Rebuilding, Debt Reduction, Savings, Retirement and Income Generating Strategies for Entrepreneurs and  Nonprofits)

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Training and Workshops

Workshops are designed to help attendants gain clarity and to take steps to transform their relationship with money by examining how core beliefs about money are  formed and influenced by family, culture, religion and the media. We will also discuss core longings, worthiness, guilt, shame and grief, situational and generational poverty, scarcity, under-earning, saving for the future and more. A private Face Book group will be available for some workshop series. *Financial Coaches, Housing Counselors and Case Managers can receive CEU credit for some workshops.

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Digging Deep Financial Retreat™

We spend the majority of our lives in pursuit of obtaining and consuming"more" not recognizing the pursuit is a sign of scarcity and a poverty mind-set.  During the retreat, you will spend the day or weekend in a tranquil setting designed to help you to slow down and unplug, so that you can focus on getting in touch with what really matters most-nurturing relationships, healthy bodies, gratitude, simplicity and enough, instead of scarcity, over-consumption and fear.  Topics covered include; Core Beliefs and Money, Consumption, Scarcity, Under-Earning, Financial Grief, Financial Trauma Trapped in the Body and Financial Vision Boarding. 

Contact me to discuss designing your own small group retreat.

Core Beliefs- The essence of how a person sees themselves, other people, the world and the future and are the thoughts a person has that determines how they interpret their experiences.

Core Longings- The desire of the soul for love, safety, significance, belonging, purpose, understanding and worthiness.

Gratitude- To feel or show thankfulness for what we have in the present moment. Even in the midst of difficulties. 

Simplicity- Life can be hard and complicated but our relationship with money does not have to be. Life can become simpler and lighter, especially when we learn to make choices that support our values and feed our souls.

Enough- "Is letting go of who you think you should be, where you think you should be at in your life and learning to love who you are right now." -Brene' Brown

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Non Profit Grant Writing and Coaching

Grant Writing:

We craft dynamic proposals that help you tell your clients stories, how your work is impacting their lives

and the communities where they live and work.

1. Grant Application Composition and Submission

2. Grant Letters of Inquiry/Intent

3. Grant Funding Search

4. Grant Proposal Review

5. Grant Proposal Evaluation


           Client and Partner Reviews


AMAZING, POWERFUL AND TRANSPARENT!  Salathia has led two POWERFUL workshops for DICY Ministries.  The information she shared impacted everyone in a personal manner.  The way she skillfully crafts her journey along with the workshop information creates room and space for individuals to experience emotional, spiritual, and financial healing.  The atmosphere she creates in her workshops provides a platform for all participants to be heard.  Everyone leaves feeling as though they are equipped and empowered with the tools and information to continue their journey.  I would highly recommend attending one of her workshops or extending her an invitation to be a facilitator. I will definitely invite her to facilitate another one!

Rev. Patrice Dicy Moore, Founder of Dicy Ministries


"Attending this retreat helped me to fully understand where I had been challenged when It came to my finances.  Each year I would start off strong and then fall off. Whether it be with tithing, paying bills on time and not even opening mail.  Since attending the retreat, I have been talking to my daughter about her core beliefs about money and this year, for the first time, all of my bills are paid and on time!"

Kelly Evans, Community Advocate


"The Financial Vision Board experience brought awesome revelation to me. I realized that the root (fear) of my issue in life has not been this "man made substance" we call money, but the core beliefs I've held within. I learned it has been my thoughts of rejection as a child, plus my feelings of being unworthy to receive that has lead to me sabotaging my future, (Thoughts + Feelings = Behavior), this to me was very powerful. This workshop was not about money. It was about me discovering or should I say uncovering  the core beliefs I've held within."

Min. Maxine Collins, Executive Director Advocate Enterprises


About Salathia

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I have a Masters Degree in Community and Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University and I am a Certified Comprehensive Housing Counselor through the Virginia Association of Housing Counselors. I am a member of the Association for Financial Counseling, Planning and Education (AFCPE), where I am currently pursuing the Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) and Financial Fitness Coach (FFC) designations and 

I am a Trauma Informed Care Facilitator.

I have 16 years of experience managing HUD approved homeownership, rental housing and homelessness programs for individuals, families with children and Veterans. Working through my own relationship with money and helping others to do the same has given me a deep appreciation and understanding for the need to create a healthy relationship with money from the inside out. 

My knowledge and experience has given me the opportunity to serve on boards, create curriculums, write grants, conduct financial literacy workshops, teach financial management classes for Social Workers and Case Managers, facilitate financial retreats,  and work with non-profits and faith-based organizations.

My particular interest is in helping people to understand their relationship with money by helping them to understand how unmet core longings and self-limiting beliefs and behaviors sabotage their financial life and how family, faith, culture and media influences financial decision making. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing techniques and Art Therapy, all from a Trauma Informed approach are the methodologies I currently use in my practice.