Financial Gratitude Series- Welcome

Welcome to the "Financial Gratitude"series. My name is Salathia Johnson and I am the creator and founder of Key Financial Solution, LLC and I am grateful you have chosen to join me.

Because there is so much going on in our personal lives, in our communities, our nation and around the world to keep us stuck in fear, anger and the uncertainties of feeling safe or being able to meet our needs. I created this Financial Gratitude series to challenge us to re-frame

how we see ourselves, others, the world around us and our relationship with money.

I believe that we become and experience what we focus on, so during this season of “Thankfulness”, I want to shift our focus toward the many gifts, big and small and all of the goodness and joy we experience in our lives every day but often overlook.

My hope is that we all will begin to pursue more of what brings us deep gratitude and joy and that we will see that money is a tool, not meant to define us but to help us to meet our needs and to be of service. To be of service means that we have clarity about our purpose and that we are aligned with that purpose and are positioned to receive the abundance of resources that are available to help us to fulfil it.

Your financial situation may not be ideal right now but for the next 4 weeks, we are going to focus on being grateful for at least one thing per week. It might sound silly but trust me by the end of this series, you will begin to see that there are countless reasons to be grateful right now!

Every Tuesday of this month, you will receive a Financial Gratitude Meditation delivered to your inbox. After you have listened to the mediation, you will be given a Financial Gratitude Activity to complete. If you have subscribed to the Blog or you follow Key Financial Solution, LLC’s Facebook page you will have access to post your images and/or share your experience in our private Facebook group.

Again, I am truly grateful that you are taking this journey with me and I am looking forward to finding out what we discover together.