Financial Gratitude Meditation 2: Looking and Seeing

During the first meditation I shared my definition of gratitude and I talked about shifting from a “scarcity” mind-set to one of abundance by suggesting that we take some time out to consider all of the various ways in which abundance surrounds us every day.

Last week’s journal prompts and exercise were designed to re-focus our attention so that we can stop “looking” and start “seeing” life from a different perspective. Looking is the act of directing your eyes in a particular direction, while “seeing” means that you notice or become aware of someone or something and then you assign meaning to your awareness of the experience.

By focusing on what you are grateful for, I am not asking you to deny the facts of your experience, instead I am asking you to consider what the experience might be trying to teach you. What is it asking you to see, do or be?

Consider these examples:

  1. You have the money but you are so busy you forgot to pay the bill. Perhaps the lesson is that it is time to set up automatic bill payments.

  2. You have been putting it off and dreading it but it is time to sit down and create a spending plan.

  3. It is time to ask for or to receive help from a friend or professional. Seriously, this is not a business plug! I believe there are times when experiences show up to teach us that there are others who we can lean and depend on and that we do not have to try to figure it all out on our own.

  4. It’s time to dust off your resume, update it and apply for the job.

If you can receive it, these are gifts to be grateful for. Why? Because the discomfort, lack or deficit you are experiencing is really a sign that your ability or power to do, experience or understand something is much greater than you realize. What a joy!

Let the truth of this meditation sink deep down into the soil of your heart. Let its’ roots grow deep and may you reap a bountiful harvest of abundant goodness.

Financial Gratitude Activity:

Grab your “Financial Gratitude Journal.” Label the top of your page “Looking versus Seeing” and then answer the following questions in your journal:

  1. What is an area in your life where you feel a sense of lack or deprivation?

  2. How might the experience be an invitation for you to stretch and grow?

  3. What about your answer to question # 1 can you be grateful for now that you see it differently?

Now, on the opposite page of your journal entries, create a “Gratitude Quote” and decorate the page.

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