Financial Gratitude Meditation 3: The Gift of Gratitude

This is Thanksgiving week and as we prepare to cook the Turkey (or in my case, Turkey Wings…#LOVETHEM!), bake the mac and cheese, candy the yams and make the stuffing (which my mom is NOT allowed to do anymore!) I cannot help but think about all of the things that make me feel grateful.

This time last year, I was unemployed and uncertain of what would come next. But it was during that time that I decided I was going to wake up every morning with a sense of gratitude. I would make a cup of coffee, sit out on the balcony and I would thank God for the cup of coffee, the beauty of the landscape in my back yard, I would thank Him for the ability to sit and watch the birds and squirrels (who knew there were black squirrels!) and I learned to appreciate the sweetness of silence. During that season I wrote in my journal a lot and I prayed. It was beautiful and I wanted more of that kind of living.

Rather than resist the fear of the unknown, I surrendered to the gift that I had been given. I learned to draw from a deep well of Gratitude and it was powerful medicine. It gave me the courage I needed to re-launch my business and to show up in my own life in ways that support my desire to be an entrepreneur.

If things in your life are not as you had hoped or planned, I challenge you to lean into the moment and draw upon the deep well of what makes you feel grateful for inspiration.



Financial Gratitude Activity: Grab Your “Financial Gratitude” Journal and complete the following statement:

“I have learned to draw from the deep well of Gratitude and it is powerful medicine to my soul. It has given me the courage to _____________________________ “(fill in the blank).

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