Financial Gratitude Meditation 4: Gratitude is a Super Power!

This is the final week of the Financial Gratitude Series and I want to thank you for participating. I appreciate those of you who have shared your experiences with me personally and I am humbled by your encouragement.

I want to close out this series by leaving you with this…If I were a Super Hero, Gratitude would be my super power because I have learned how to use it to help transform what I see as obstacles into opportunities. For example, it helped me to work through my resistance to social media and as a result, here I am doing a 4- week online series. And, in business, I have gained the clarity and confidence I have needed in order to ask for compensation at a rate that reflects my skill set. That is the beauty and power of gratitude.

Question-If you were a Super Hero and Gratitude was your super power, how would you use it to show up in the world?

Below are a few nuggets from the series I think are worth remembering.

1. “Focusing on what we do not have creates suffering and suffering takes us out of the flow of abundance and when we are out of the flow of abundance, we are robbed of both clarity and creativity and the only alternative is lack."

2. “By focusing on what you are grateful for, I am not asking you to deny the facts of your experience, instead I am asking you to consider what the experience might be trying to teach you. What is it asking you to see, do or become?”

3. “Money is a tool not meant to define us but to help us meet our needs and to be of service.”

4. “I have learned to draw from the deep well of Gratitude and it is powerful medicine to my soul. It has given me the courage to _____________________________ “(fill in the blank).

I hope you will continue to see the gift in every situation and during those times when it is difficult to feel grateful, I encourage you to pull out your Financial Gratitude Journal and reflect on what inspired you during the series. More importantly, I hope you will continue to add to your journal in the days ahead.