"Core Beliefs, Core Longings and Money"

Do you know you have a unique “Money Personality” type and it was formed in early childhood?

Most people are unaware of how their early experiences with money and influences from family, faith, culture and media have helped to shape their "Core Beliefs" about money, which is the way they perceive and value it. Even the human need for love, safety, significance, belonging, understanding and worthiness, known as "Core Longings" play a significant role in how and why people earn, spend, save and invest money.

Bringing awareness to the unconscious core beliefs and core longings you have about money helps you to understand the role they play in your current financial situation, in your relationships and business.

The motto at Key Financial Solution is,

“Thoughts + Feelings = Behavior", because I believe how you think and feel about money deeply influences what you do with it. This is the stuff you don’t learn in traditional financial literacy classes but is at the heart of many of the root causes of financial lack and poverty.

If you are feeling stuck in your current financial situation, and have financial goals you would like to achieve, but you are not sure how you are going to reach them, I can help.

Contact me at sjohnson@keyfinancialsolution.com to schedule some time to talk. Initial 30 minute consultations are free.