Money Mindset Challenge Day 12: "The Building Blocks to Financial Security"

The first step toward building financial security is to identify your core beliefs and values about money.

Core beliefs are the essence of how you see yourself, others and the world around you. They are formed in early childhood and are a result of positive and/or negative and traumatic experiences. Core values are deeply held beliefs about the usefulness or significance of something important to you. Both your core beliefs and core values influence behavior.

This is important to know as you begin to define what financial security means to you. For example, do you have a core belief that your financial success is dependent upon others? Or do you value having money so you can regularly donate to organizations that provide assistance to those in need?

Getting in touch with your core beliefs and values may seem like extra work but it is the foundation upon which everything else you build will either stand or crumble. Learning to identify my own core beliefs (men are the primary breadwinners, so my future husband needs to bring it, was created by what I saw growing up in my family.) After doing some soul-searching and looking at my life, I realized I was waiting for a man to come along to take care of me and that meant I was not fully pursuing what God had for me. I was short changing myself by waiting for someone else to come along and do for me what I've learned I can do for myself. I decided that was not the narrative I wanted to continue to have. So, I've made a decision to go hard after the dreams and goals God has laid on my heart and when He blesses me with the one, it's not going to be based upon how much money he has, instead it will be based upon how we can both support one another as we work towards achieving our goals together as a couple. That's a big shift for me and it means I am experiencing a new level of financial security I had not previously known was available to me.

I would love to know how this resonates with you. What is one takeaway you have from reading this? If you're stuck, I would love to have a conversation to help you see what's possible.