"How To Celebrate The Holidays When You're In the Middle."

As we prepare to enter the holiday season, I am reminding myself about the dangers and pitfalls we can find ourselves in during the holidays, especially when we are experiencing being “in the middle.” You know, the place between where you were and where you are headed? And, because the miles ahead look so much farther than where you came from, you’re tempted to turn back. Yes, that place!

How you see the middle determines at least 3 things you will find yourself doing:

1.) Keep moving forward in the direction of your dreams and goals;

2.) Turn and head back to where you came from; or

3.) Stay stuck and do nothing

I will take option #1 Alex, for “Peace of Mind on January 1st!” Please and thank you!!

The middle is the place where dreams either die or begin to take on new life and it all hinges on one tiny little thing-PERSPECTIVE. So, I want to encourage you to remember the financial goals you set for yourself, if you wrote them down, go back and review them. If you didn’t, that’s okay, you can do it now.

Once you have written down your goals, please take these 4 simple steps:

1.) Think about the financial journey you’ve been on this year and all that you have accomplished to date or have yet to do.

2.) Now, consider how the financial decisions you make during the holidays will impact all of the good, hard work you’ve done, or will create more of a hole you’ll be fighting to climb out of in 2019.

3.) Consider your true values around the holidays and gift giving and build your holiday celebration around them, rather than be driven by emotional decisions you will regret later.

4.) Go stand in front of a mirror, smile, and practice saying, “No, and No, Thank You.” This is a really handy technique to use when the well-meaning Sales Associate offers you an additional 20% off, if you apply for a credit card…” Bless her heart.” That’s what we say here in the south when what we really mean is “Are you kidding me ?!?” Now, I must warn you, this technique really does work well but EXTRA practice is needed for dealing with really cute kids!

If you stick to these simple principles, you will not only enjoy the holidays, you’ll make it safely through to other side of it with your dreams and goals in tact!

If you need help making a solid financial plan for the holidays, I am here to help!

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Peace and Blessings,