August Mocha Money Meet Up: "Financial Genogram-Understanding Generational Relationships with M

The core of my financial coaching practice is helping people to understand their relationship with money. I tell people all of the time, the numbers are easy, it's our relationship with money that takes the most work. And, I believe this is because our behaviors and attitudes about money are deeply embedded within the fabric of our families of origin, and have been passed on from generation to generation.

Much like your genetic makeup, your financial DNA has been encoded with messages about how your family has earned and managed money, and how they have survived and thrived during various social and economic conditions.

Using a Financial Genogram Map much like a family tree, we will explore the financial attitudes and behaviors of 3 generations within your family. We will use this information to help you connect the past with your present, so you will understand how your money attitudes and behaviors have grown out of your family's history.

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