September Mocha Money Meet Up: "Financial Art Journaling."

I know, I know, you're asking, "who wants to write about their finances and what does art have to do with my money?!?"

Well, journaling and art making are actually very powerful tools to help spark creativity and to make connections to various aspects of our lives that may not initially be all that clear to us.

This month we will explore many of the themes we have been discussing this year through the expression of ART and JOURNAL WRITING. You can expect:

1. To have some FUN!!! We are going to use paint, crayons and markers...I'm so EXCITED!!!

2. Get connected emotionally with your financial situation (I know you've been avoiding this right here!) but it's where we need to start to discover what's holding you back so you can move forward. Or it can be the spark of creativity you need to keep going!

3. Leave with a game plan or at least the next step. (And a piece of art or poetry created by YOU!!)

4. Join a community of like-minded souls who are in it with you!

Visit to register. Hope to see you there!