Are You Ready To Reach Your Financial Goals?

Join a Mocha Money Meet-Up Conversation this year! This is our 3rd year of having powerful conversations about money that are transforming people's lives in areas where they have been stuck for years!

You will hear from experts, identify roadblocks and learn how to overcome them, and gain access to resources, tools, tips and strategies to help you reach your financial goals.

What I know for sure is, one powerful conversation can be a game changer and the women and men participating in these conversations are experiencing more peace and financial stability-in the midst of COVID! It's because they have been showing up and doing the work and if you're ready to experience something different in your financial life, join us!

Visit to learn more and to register for our February session, "Planning for Wealth and Retirement" with Certified Financial Planner, Jermile' Batten from Fidelity Investments.