Money Mindset Challenge Day 14: "Letting Go of Scarcity and Poverty Thinking"

Scarcity is the belief there is not enough. This belief creates competition and in competitions someone has to lose, right?

Think about how the childhood game musical chairs plants the seed of scarcity. The game begins with a deficit- “more people than chairs”, which triggers an emotional response that is then followed by a behavior, in this case competition for a limited resource.

Now, consider how this form of scarcity thinking can impact when and how you make financial decisions. Have you ever had the money to pay a bill but you chose not to because the consequence of paying it late did not outweigh the level of discomfort you felt? I have and what I've learned is, there are times when scarcity (not enough) is simply a lie we tell ourselves in order to justify inaction.

I know that having "more month than money" is real but what I also know is, when there are limited external resources available to you, it is an invitation to examine your inner resources (skills, knowledge and abilities) so that you can create or obtain more of what you need.

How is the limiting belief of scarcity currently impacting your financial security?