Money Mindset Challenge Day 17: "The Spending Plan Pt. 2- Values Based Spending"

"Values Based Spending" is all about making financial decisions based upon what matters most to you and leads to financial security and well-being.

As you are creating your plan consider your "Why" as we discussed last time and then take a look at the areas where you need to re-allocate funds so the way you live each month is aligned with your core values.


1. Fixed Expenses- Examples: Mortgage/Rent, Car Payment, Utilities, *Consider making Savings a fixed expense. We will discuss more on savings in an upcoming post.

2. Flexible Expenses- Examples: Groceries and Eating Out, Fuel/Public Transportation, Entertainment

3. Periodic Expenses- Examples: Car Maintenance, Taxes, Vacation

After you have recorded and calculated these, is there a surplus or deficit? If there is more month than money, consider ways to further decrease your expenses or increase your income.

Now is a good time to consider your earning and spending habits. We will discuss both more in an upcoming post.