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Non Profits: Welcome
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The philanthropic community is highly competitive and funders are looking for organizations with strong, competent leadership and staff and innovative programs/projects that are collaborative,

impactful and sustainable.  If you are a new start-up or existing organization, we can assist with your grant writing and administrative needs.

      Grant Services:

We can help you craft dynamic proposals to tell your client's stories, how your work is impacting their lives in the communities where they live and work. Services we provide include:

1. Grant Funding Research

2. Grant Letters of Inquiry/Intent

3. Grant Application and Submission

4. Grant Proposal Review

5. Grant Proposal Evaluation

Grant review teams typically use the following criteria

when reviewing and evaluating potential grantees and their proposals:

·        Track record for providing efficient and effective services for people in the greatest need and the ability to adapt to the changing needs of those they serve.

·        Organizational capacity to provide high-quality programs and services.

·        An established process for measuring outcomes to track progress and ensure program effectiveness.

·        Financial stability and the potential to leverage additional support from the public and private sectors.

·        Highly experienced staff with strong qualifications.

·        For new organizations or projects evidence that it will be able to have an impact or data that clearly articulates that the program fulfills unmet needs or under-served individuals.

Non Profits: About Us
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