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It's Time to Get Free

If you need help with understanding your relationship with money, strategic pricing for your business as an entrepreneur, overcoming under-earning, or navigating a transition such as marriage, divorce, a career change, or a large financial increase like inheritance or lottery winnings, The Key Financial Solution Aligned Money Method will give you the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources you need to gain clarity and control over your finances, break cycles of financial lack, and create strategies that lead to financial stability.


Identify Your Unique Money Personality & Understand Your Relationship with Money

Align Your Core Beliefs, Values & Financial Habits with Biblical Principals and God's Heart

Implement Financial Management Systems for Success

Create a Plan for Financial Stability & Wealth

  • You are ready to invite God into the way you manage money

  • You want to understand your relationship with money

  • You are navigating a transition in your life

  • You are ready to release old mindsets and behaviors that keep you stuck in patterns of financial lack and scarcity

  • You want to overcome under-earning

  • You want to implement financial management systems to help you track and reach your goals

Is Faith and Finance coaching for you? 
Yes, if...

What you can expect

Faith-based financial coaching that is curated to address and support your unique needs and financial goals. Includes a money personality assessment. 

To understand the principles of stewardship versus ownership.

To gain a trusting relationship with God in the area of finances.

To understand your relationship with money.

Learn how to heal your relationship with money.

Learn how to let go of negative, generational financial beliefs and habits.

To set up money management systems to help you reach your goals.

To align earning, spending, saving, giving, and investing with your values and biblical principles.

What you will receive

  • Bible-Based Financial Coaching 

  • Inner Healing Coaching and/or Spiritual Formation Coaching available with associated package purchase.

  • Planning Tools including a workbook, worksheets, money management app, and resources.

  • Key Financial Solution "Welcome Gift."

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